• 1. What is Parkson Card?
    Parkson Card is an exclusive Parkson Privileges programme that is distinguished by 3 tiers which enables a member to enjoy upfront discounts, exclusive privileges and benefits while shopping in Parkson and additional promotions across participating merchant partners and across borders (Malaysia, China, Indonesia, Myanmar and Cambodia).

    2. How does Parkson Card work?
    As a Parkson Card member, when you spend in any Parkson Malaysia Store you can accumulate purchase value in your Parkson Card which can be used to redeem Parkson Discount Vouchers. By presenting your Parkson Card before a purchase transaction is recorded, the purchase value will be captured automatically in your Parkson Card once the Parkson Card is swiped and the terms of payment for the purchase transaction are fulfilled. Parkson Card will also entitle you to enjoy privileges with Parkson and participating merchant partners.

    3. How can I apply for Parkson Card?
    Parkson Card is ZERO cost. You may visit any Parkson store, request for an application from through our Customer Service Personnel and start shopping and accumulating purchase value.

    4. Is there a qualifying period?
    No. As soon as you have a Parkson Card, you can start accumulating the purchase value. However, transactions made prior to receiving the Card will not be accumulated.

    5. Can I still accumulate purchase values if I did not swipe my Parkson Card?
    No, your Parkson Card must be swiped during a transaction to accumulate the purchase value.

    6. Will I get my accumulation immediately after making a purchase?
    Yes, you will get your accumulation immediately after the payment for the purchase is made. However, it takes 1 day for the accumulated purchase value of each purchase to be captured into your Parkson Card account.

  • 7. How do I check the accumulated purchase value in my account?
    You can check the accumulated purchase value in your account through the following channels:
    (1) You may contact with Customer Service of any store with your Parkson Card number.
    (2) You can visit our website www.parkson.com.vn to check your purchase value.

    8. Is there any expiry date to my accumulated purchase value?
    Parkson Card Loyalty point accumulation program will end on the 31st December of each calendar year. Points accumulated within the year should be redeemed before 31st December. Member’s account will be reversed to zero value and new point accumulation begins from new calendar year, 1st January onwards.

    9. What is the accumulation structure of Parkson Card?
    For every VND 20,000 nett spend at any Parkson Vietnam stores, the Parkson Card Member will accumulate ONE (1) purchase value. Accumulation purchase value is based on the final VND of the nett purchase, credit card, debit card, Parkson Gift Voucher. (i.e. with nett purchase of VND 525.000, Parkson Card Member will be entitled to accumulate 26 Purchase value).

    10. How do I enjoy the Merchant Partners Privileges?
    There are nearly 100 merchant partners listed in Parkson Card Leaflet, Parkson Website and Facebook. You must present your Parkson Card at the point of payment to enjoy the privileges. No further request will be entertained after purchases have been made.

    11. What other benefits do I get as a Parkson Card Member?
    You can receive a COMPLIMENTARY Gift from Parkson during your birthday month. Check in stores at the Customer Service Counter for privileges.

    12. What if I lose my Parkson Card?
    You are to report the loss of your Parkson Card to the Customer Service Counter at Parkson to make a new card with the replacement cost of VN 50,000 & free of charge for damaged cards.

Customer Service

  •  (848) 38277613
  •  Monday – Sunday
  •   10AM – 10PM
  • Merchant Partner Privileges
  • Members' Cross Border Privileges
  • Birthday Baby Benefits
  • Special Invitations
  • Exclusive Rewards
  • Exchange Accumulated Points
  • Merchant Partner Privileges

    Enjoy EXCLUSIVE privileges from participating merchant partners.
  • Members' Cross Border Privileges

    Enjoy EXCLUSIVE privileges at Parkson stores in China, Vietnam, Malaysia and Indonesia.
  • Birthday Baby Benefits

    Enjoy EXCLUSIVE discounts, promotions and/or services from participating brands at Parkson stores.
  • Special Invitations

    Receive invitations to Exclusive Events, Fashion Launches, Pampering Services, Members-Only Previews and more.
  • Exclusive Rewards

    Receive additional rebates and gifts during Festive Seasons and enjoy special promotions including exclusive rewards for Top Spenders.
  • Exchange Accumulated Points

    The Parkson card holder will get 01 accumulated point for every VND20,000 spent at Parkson.