Parkson is one of the first international department stores in Vietnam, Parkson has been perceived as a reliable shopping destination, offering well-known international beauty and fashion brands with standardized service. Parkson Vietnam recognizes the need of a transformation in all aspects to adapt to the new market trend and has decided to implement its renovation starting from April 2019. Parkson Saigon Tourist Plaza will return after the major renovation, aiming to bring in a total new store concept and a different shopping experience for shoppers.

After the renovation, Parkson Saigon Tourist Plaza will introduce to its customers a total new store design and concept to meet with the new trend whereby a department store is not only a destination for shopping (shop and go) but also an ideal place that offers shopping, F&B and entertainment services at the same time (all-in-one destination).
By changing to adapt to the market trend, Parkson Saigon Tourist will renew its retail space, catering to the demands of the different customer segments. Parkson Saigon Tourist will present its new look, introduce to its customers a new shopping experience equipped with modern facilities and high-standard services. Besides, product variety is indispensable, the new store will feature more content at reasonable prices, catering to the demands of different customer groups.
With the re-launch of the new store, Parkson Saigon Tourist will showcase a series of well-known brands in fashion, beauty and lifestyle categories, among which there are flagship stores of globally recognized number one fashion brand and another prestigious lifestyle brand introduced the first time in Vietnam. With the mission of giving better services to the customers, Parkson aims to continuously look after the needs of Vietnamese customers with its precept as “a retail therapy is about indulging, sharing and connecting”.
According to the plan, the construction will start from early April onwards at the designated counters. The store construction will be implemented floor by floor, by different schedules corresponding to the designated zones. Parkson management has also informed to their business partners and all have come to a mutual agreement on an appropriate business arrangement. During the renovation stage, Parkson Saigon Tourist will still be open partially for business at some designated areas.
It is a valuable motivation for Parkson Vietnam to receive supports from its business partners to constantly strive for improvement, create an ideal commercial environment and serve customers in the best fashion. Parkson Saigon Tourist Plaza will be the first store to perform its renovation project with a strategic business planning after 14 years of operation, before Parkson Vietnam plans to deploy a development plan for other focused stores in Vietnam in the near future.