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Valentino Creations, the renowned name in Italian fashion, was born in Rome and Florence in 1928, where creator Regolino Candelora, introduced her exquisite and elegant designs to the Italian market and became the brand of choice amongst nobles and members of the upper class.Three decades later, the successor of Valentino Creations, Battaglia Natale, stamped is mark as a class designer with his original range of leather shoes and accessories. In a matter of a few years, Valentino Creations infiltrated Europe and the world.Battaglia Fulvio became the second successor in 1985 and is currently Director of Design of Valentino Creations.
His incredible design prowess and business acumen have further cemented the brand as the creme de la creme for the fashion elite.In 1995, he set his sights on Asia as the new market for Italian fashion. Subsequently in 1999, Valentino Creations started a brand new chapter in its illustrious history with the launch of its  first office in Malaysia.All products of Valentino Creations are produced in state-of-the-art factories and are of the qualities that are second to none. Many a famous designer in Europe dream of designing for Valentino Creations.


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