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Sabina is available at Parkson Flemington                               Shu Uemura is available at Parkson Hùng Vương & Parkson Saigon Tourist                               ARTDECO is available at Parkson Sài Gòn Tourist Plaza            



Giovanni brand originated from Italy - the country is known as the "capital of international fashion," the birthplace of renowned designers such as Valentino, Giovanni, Emilio, Gucci...



With the Italian luxurious and elegant style, Giovanni has just become popular immediately after founded. Focusing on developing good attires for men, Giovanni’s products always gives the love and the preference of customers. Giovanni brings not only international fashion products but also the best customer services. Subtle designs as well as traditional technology fully integrated luxury, elegance, sexy to make a prestige brand.


Being an exclusive unique distributor of Giovanni Italy Inc, Giovanni Vietnam Co.;Ltd was officially bring Giovanni to Vietnam in 2007. After 4 years developing, Giovanni has received the love of so many people and the distribution system of Giovanni has increased to 35 showrooms in all the country. In the future, Giovanni will continuously open more stores in Vietnam.

Giovanni is available at: Parkson Viet Tower, Parkson T&D Plaza, Parkson Flemington, Parkson Hung Vuong, Parkson sai Gon Tourist, Parkson C&T Plaza

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